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Brand / Generics name Antabuse : Antabuse brands: Abstensil Abstinil Abstinyl Accel Tet Akrochem Tetd Alcho-free Alcophobin Alk-Aubs Ancazide Antadix Antaenyl Antaethan Antaethyl Antaetil Antalcol Antetan Antethyl Antetil Anteyl Anthethyl Anti-Ethyl Antiaethan Anticol Antietanol Antietil Antikol Antivitium Aversan Averzan Bonibal Contralin Contrapot Cronetal Dicupral Disetil Disulfan Disulfram Disulfuram Disulphuram Ekagom Dtet Ekagom Teds Ekagom Tetds Ekaland Tetd Ephorran Espenal Esperal Etabus Ethyl Thiram Ethyl Thiudad Ethyl Thiurad Ethyl Tuads Ethyl Tuads Rodform Ethyl Tuex Ethyldithiourame Ethyldithiurame Etyl Tuex Exhoran Exhorran Gababentin Hoca Krotenal Nocbin Nocceler Tet Noxal Perkacit Tetd Perkait Tetd Refusal Ro-Sulfiram Sanceler Tet Soxinol Tet Stopaethyl Stopethyl Stopety Stopetyl Super Rodiatox Tenurid Tenutex Tetidis Tetradin Tetradine Tetraethylthiram Disulfide Tetraethylthiram Disulphide Tetraethylthiuram Tetraetil Teturam Teturamin Thiocid Thiophos Thioscabin Thireranide Tillram Tiuram
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