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Brand / Generics name Chloromycetin : Chloromycetin brands: Cademytin Fenclor Wocol Ak-chlor Alficetyn Ambofen Amphenicol Amphicol Amseclor Anacetin Aquamycetin Austracil Austracol Biocetin Biophenicol Catilan Chemicetin Chlomin Chlomycol Chlora-Tabs Chloracol Ophthalmic Solution Chloramex Chloramfenikol Chloramficin Chloramfilin Chloramsaar Chlorasol Chloricol Chlornitromycin Chloro-25 vetag Chlorocaps Chlorocid Chlorocol Chlorofair Chloroject L Chloromax Chloromyxin Chloronitrin Chloroptic Chlorovules Cidocetine Ciplamycetin Cloramfen Cloramficin Cloramicol Cloramidina Cloroamfenicolo Clorocyn Cloromisan Clorosintex Comycetin Cylphenicol Desphen Detreomycine Dextromycetin Doctamicina Econochlor Embacetin Emetren Enicol Enteromycetin Erbaplast Ertilen Farmicetina Farmitcetina Fenicol Globenicol Glorous Halomycetin Hortfenicol Intramycetin Isicetin Ismicetina Isophenicol Isopto fenicol Juvamycetin Kamaver Kemicetine Klorita Klorocid S Leukamycin Leukomyan Leukomycin Levomicetina Levomitsetin Levomycetin Loromisan Loromisin Mastiphen Mediamycetine Medichol Micloretin Micochlorine Micoclorina Microcetina Mychel Mycinol Normimycin V Novochlorocap Novomycetin Novophenicol Ocu-Chlor Oftalent Oleomycetin Opclor Opelor Ophthochlor Ophthoclor Ophthocort Ophtochlor Optomycin Otachron Otophen Owadziak Pantovernil Paraxin Pedraczak Pentamycetin Pflanzol Quellada Quemicetina Rivomycin Romphenil Ronphenil Septicol Sificetina Sintomicetina Sno-Phenicol Sopamycetin Spectro-Chlor Stanomycetin Synthomycetin Synthomycine Tega-Cetin Tevcocin Tevcosin Tifomycine Tiromycetin Treomicetina Tyfomycine Unimycetin Veticol Viceton
Brands/others names:Chloromycetin Chloromycetin
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