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Brand / Generics name Dilantin : Dilantin brands: Epsolin Fenotin Fentotin Aleviatin Antisacer Auranile Causoin Cerebyx Citrullamon Comital Comitoina Convul Danten Dantinal Dantoinal Dantoine Denyl Di-Hydan Di-Lan Di-Phetine Didan TDC 250 Difenilhidantoina Difenin Difetoin Difhydan Dihycon Dihydantoin Dilabid Dintoin Diphantoin Diphedal Diphedan Diphenat Diphenin Diphentoin Diphentyn Diphenylan Ditoinate Ekko Elepsindon Enkelfel Epamin Epanutin Epasmir 5 Epdantoine simple Epelin Epifenyl Epihydan Epilan Epilantin Epinat Epised Eptal Eptoin Fenantoin Fenidantoin s Fenitoina Fentoin Fenylepsin Fenytoine Fosphenytoin Gerot-epilan-D Hidan Hidantal Hidantina Hidantomin Hindatal Hydantal Hydantin Hydantoin Hydantoinal Hydantol Ictalis simple Idantoil Idantoin Kessodanten Labopal Lehydan Lepitoin Lepsin Mesantoin Minetoin Neosidantoina Novantoina Novophenytoin Oxylan Phanantin Phenatine Phenatoine Phenhydan Phentoin Phentytoin Phenytex Ritmenal Saceril Sanepil Silantin Sinergina Sodanthon Sodantoin Solantin Solantyl Sylantoic Tacosal Thilophenyl Zentronal Zentropil
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